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About me

Hi, my name is Denis Bashkatov. I am a fullstack developer and I maintain this blog to write about some technical things which I come across in my projects.

It was really great to give my effort and time to help these projects:

Social networks aggregator.
This project may be the largest project written with Angular 2.
Project is done with utilizing all best practices and cutting-edge technologies.
Fintech startup focused on providing easy and secure mobile payments.
I've been working at this company for 3 years and was involved in development of API, web app ( and merchant widgets.
In this project I mainly used following skills: javascript, jasmine, angularjs 1, bootstrap, php, mysql, rabbitMQ, git, etc.
The biggest payment services provider in Scandinavia.
I have been working with DIBS for 2.5 years and I participated in development of internal Merchant Admin tool for them.
At this project I used followng skills: jasmine, javascript, knockoutjs, bootstrap, php, redis, git, soap.