Turn of magnification - one or another feature of product is worth to be separated to a standalone product.
Turn of minification - feature which was planned to be the only feature of the product should be surrounded with other features.
Turn of customer segment - case when product solves specific problem of some group of real customers. But this group of customers is not the target group for product.
Turn of customer need - problem solved by product appeared not be a really important problem. But during researches new problems were found which a really worth to be solved. Sometimes solving these problems requires a full re-implementing of product.
Turn of platform - moving from program to platform and backwards. Sometimes single product should be transformed into a whole line of products (migration to platform).
Turn of business architecture - moving from B2C (high volumes of sales) to B2B (high part of revenue) business model, or vice versa.
Turn of monetization - changing a way to preserve value created by company.
Turn of growth mechanism - changing way of growth for product. There are three main growth mechanisms: viral, sticky and paid.
Turn of sales channel - switching sales channels, for example selling electronic versions of books instead of paper versions.
Turn of technology - moving to more reliable or effective technology. Usually painless for stable companies, but not recommended for young companies.

Note taken from book "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries.