Main ideas:

  1. Pay attention to people who are NOT in your closest friends circle. Most cases of successful job change happen due to help of people who are not your closest friends. This is because they know different things that you do.
  2. Communicate as much as possible with people from the following categories:
    - HRs
    - Politicians
    - Actors
    - Journalists
    These people can play a role of "Social magnet"
  3. Split people whom you know in three groups:
    1. People who are most interesting for you. You have to contact these people every day.
    2. People who have an average level of importance for you. You have to contact them at least once per month.
    3. Other people you know, and want to stay connected to them. Contact these people at least once per 3 months. These people can give you valuable ideas, because they are most probably competent in different areas then you are.
  4. Help to organize conferences, organize conferences yourself, talk to other participants.
  5. In order to have time to meet all people personally invite them to do some of your usual activities with you.
  6. When you meet someone in real life, you have to contact him in social networks, and call him by phone at least once to be sure that he will remember you. Example: you can ask your new friend about his favorite music and send him some track via social network next day. Another example: you can make your photo with your new friend and share it with him via social network next day.
  7. In order to attract people to your events or parties you can use "Social magnets". Social magnets belong to categories of people listed in #2.
  8. People who have the largest number of connections on dating websites usually start communication from a fact which they learned from profile of the person they contact to. "It seems that you..."
  9. While you are formulating your idea please write down which words you want people to use when they talk about it. Write down those words.
  10. Average manager who sleeps less then 7 hours per day performs like a 70 year old person during the second part of his working day. Take care of your health to stay effective.

Conclusion: a nice and easy read with lots of examples from author's life. The book contains a lot of mentions of modern social services, books, etc.