There is an extremely effective way to make your content loading faster.
Here are tools for that ordered by their coolness:
- dns-prefetch - execute domain resolution in background
- preconnect - execute domain resolution plus tcp handshake, plus executes TLS handshake for SSL
- prefetch - fetches resource in background. Resource is fetched with a lower priority, and only after common resources load is finished. Prefetched content is stored in cache.
- subresource - prefetch analogue with higher priority
- prerender - the coolest thing, prefetches resource, executes all css and js for it in background, and displays extremely fast rendered page on demand.

Let's say user is browsing through paginated posts, and he currently stays on page one. From our side we can suppose that user will want to view also page two, so we decide to prefetch it:
And considering that prefetch also works with cross origin resources we can imagine how a lot of cool things can be done using it.
The next great tool which we can not leave without attention is prerender. It goes even further comparing to prefetch, because it fully renders page and executes all javascript and styling on it. So we can go even further with our blog page using prerender:
Prerender suites really perfect if display of content requires some preceding calculation on javascript side. Just imagine that all this is done in background in some virtual browser tab, and user will receive a ready result when he requests this content while navigating.
All these five tools a really great.